Westar Doulas
Megan Van Aelst, Sharon Gourlay, Stephanie McCarrell, Hollie Lau


Westar Doulas is a collective of professional doulas working together to support birthing families in Columbus, OH, and the greater Central Ohio area. While we work collaboratively with Drs. Murnane, Rouse, Lodwick, Himler & Ransome at Westar OBGYN, we also support families birthing with other care providers.


A professional birth doula offers a woman and her partner continuous support throughout labor and delivery. They essentially mother the mother, as well as offering reassurance and support to the partner. Birth doulas provide a set of skilled and experienced hands for both mother and partner in various forms. They provide emotional support, physical comfort measures and remind parents of their personal birth preferences. The birth doula strives to be a calm non-judgmental presence, fostering self-confidence and a nurturing environment. Many families find the experience of having a birth doula fosters closer bonds between the woman, her partner, and their baby.

Westar Doulas support families planning many different types of birth (un-medicated, medicated, induction, cesarean section, high risk). Together they have a combined total of 35 years of birth professional experience. Our doulas are independent and each has her own unique level of experience and skills.