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Who is your Care Provider? Your first choice in your Wish List for birth.

May 3, 2016



Why did you choose your Care Provider to support you during pregnancy and birth?  I ask this question with each student I teach and potential birth doula client I interview with.  I often hear answers such as:


*  Their office is right up the street.

*  My coworker used them for their pregnancy/birth experience.

*  They are covered by my insurance.

*  This provider is the one who worked with us to get pregnant.

*  I have been a patient of this provider for years.


The one common element missing from all of these answers is a lack of evaluation of what your needs might be in pregnancy/birth and if this Care Provider can meet those needs.  Have you taken time to think about how you view birth?  Do you see it as a medical event or instead a journey which is helping you to build your family?   Do you believe birth is a natural process that is supported by your Care Provider?  Or do you instead see it as a process to be manipulated and intervened with?  There is no right or wrong answer.  A high risk family may decide that an OB is the best choice for them.  Others might choose a Nurse Midwife because they want the security of a hospital but still want to approach birth from a less interventionist approach.  There is always the option of Certified Professional Midwives whom support families in home birth options.  Finding the right provider is an important first step in having a great experience.


I want you to see that your Care Provider who oversee's your care can become a source of conflict or one of great help.   Another important question - Does the facility you are birthing at support your view for birth?  These are all things that should be reviewed during your 1st trimester of birth.  Go on hospital tours, interview care providers, and educate yourself on the different options during pregnancy and birth.  This will set you up for a great first step on your birthing wish list while having a satisfying experience.


(In our next blog post learn more about the different models of care during your pregnancy).



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