In Sharon's Hypnobirth course she taught me everything I needed to know to birth my son, which was a lifesaver because he then unexpectedly came at home, a month early!! Not only did she teach it, she then taught exactly how to implement it. She also included my husband and built confidence in him to be able to support me and aide in the decision making process during labor!! How cool is that! Anyone planning to have a baby deserves to have Sharon's Hyponobirth course in their back pocket.

Katelyn Neil

5 Stars

I found Sharon with our first daughter and she helped us navigate the unknown overwhelming path that is giving birth to your first child. If I had stayed in the States I would have definitely worked with her for our second as well. She is a kind, caring, compassionate woman with only your best interests in mind. My only regret with Sharon is that she was not a Doula at the time of our birth because I would have loved to have had her as ours during that time. I can highly recommend <3

Aimee Randle

5 Star

I can't say enough about Sharon. She is dedicated to her work and helping others. Sharon helped me through my fears and the stress of a pregnancy after severe illness and a premature baby. Thanks to Sharon I was able to enjoy meeting my new baby instead of being focused on my fears.


Angela Bowser

5 Star

Sharon was a godsend for us in helping prepare for our daughter's arrival. She is kind, warm, knowledgeable, empathetic & so much more. I knew nothing of hypnobirthing before contacting Sharon over 8 years ago. I was 40 & afraid but knew I wanted to have a relaxed pregnancy...well as relaxed as possible. She helped both my husband & myself. I stilI use her techniques & share them with clients in my counseling practice. I highly recommend Sharon as a guide, supporter to anyone planning a family.

Stephanie Wells

5 Star

I met Sharon when I was pregnant with my first child nearly 8 years ago & still remain in contact till this day. I accidentally stumbled upon hypnobirthing at my local library and knew it was exactly what I needed to overcome my fears of the stages of pregnancy, labor,birth and post birth. That was where Sharon entered the picture, she is more than just a teacher, she's a great and passionate friend as well. Even till this day,many of the tools that I've learned from my sessions with her help, I still use today. If you're looking for a passionate, kind, and non intrusive & very knowledgable teacher of hypnobirthing, I highly recommend Sharon! Thank you always Sharon.


5 Star

Sharon was able to provide for me everything that I needed, so I could have the best birth experience.

Abigail King

5 Star

Sharon is one of the most passionate and understanding people I've ever met. I felt so blessed to have worked with her prior to having my first baby. She changed my mind about what birth is and should be. She eased my fears and helped me to acknowledge that birth is a beautiful and individual journey. I could have never gone into labor with such a positive and open mind if it weren't for Sharon's knowledge and guidance through our birthing classes. <3

Katrina DeCarufel Riffle

5 Star

Sharon is a thorough supportive, and passionate teacher. She loves what she does, and takes the time to make sure her clients have what they need to attain their goals.

Allison Ranshaw Marshall

5 Star

Sharon is passionate, gentle, calming, and highly educated in preparing for a positive birthing experience. We enjoyed every in home session. My only regret is that we didn't hire her as our doula.

Julie Fox Shaver

5 Star

Sharon is such a passionate and caring person! I was lucky to get to know her and have her as my hypnobirthing instructor! I took the class with my first baby and me and my significant other learned sooooo much. This class was the best thing for our family and I was able to use what I learned the first time around with my second hypnobaby. I cannot say enough about her or her hypnobirthing class! I highly recommend her!

Priscilla Rodriguez 

5 Star

Sharon was invaluable during my pregnancy and birth. We didn't know what to expect, being first time parents. The hypnobirthing classes were amazing and informative. Her doula services helped make for a calm birth with her support, love and experience. I will definitely use her again if we have more children and I highly recommend her to anyone having a child whether it be your 1st or 5th. She is an angel on earth.


Trisha Fowler

5 Star

Sharon is everything I needed and more. She is compassionate, understanding, caring, and loving. I had my son during a level 3 snow emergency and she risked everything to be with me. There will never be enough words to describe just how wonderful she is.


5 Star

Sharon is so caring and is continually increasing her wide knowledge base to provide each woman with specific tools and methods to find what will work best for her. The Hypnobirthing classes my husband and I took with Sharon gave me the tools I needed to labor comfortably at home with each of my three babies. I definitely recommend her services!

Kendra Wolk

5 Star

Sharon was wonderful and very accommodating. The Hypnobirthing helped me have an easy home birth. Thank you!

Morgan Spence

5 Star

I cannot express how amazing our classes were for us! Not only did my partner and I both learn valuable tools for birth I also grew as a person in ways I didn't know I needed to. As a result of this class I feel confident and empowered and very much looking forward to the birth experience I want for myself, my partner, and my baby!

Allison Ball

5 Star

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