2018 HypnoBirthing Registration

2018 HypnoBirthing Schedule Group Classes

All group classes are canceled through the end of the year.  Group classes will resume quarterly in 2019










Private Classes Available Most Months!

Private  and in home group classes are available in your home based upon our mutual schedules.

See details below registration box!


In order to attend the classes you must fill out a registration form (prior to the first class) which is located above.  Two couples must register for group classes to be held.  I am always happy to do private classes for families.


Deposit:  A $100, non-refundable, deposit is due upon registration to hold your place in class as our series fill quickly. It must be paid prior to the first class.  There are only 6 available spots in each group class. I will send you a paypal invoice for the deposit upon receipt of the registration form.

How to submit payment?:  Payments are made via Paypal and is the preferred method of payment.  I will send you a Paypal invoice upon your registration.

Sharon Gourlay. 304 E 6th Ave, Lancaster, OH 43130 - sacredbeginningservices(at)gmail.com

Payments:  The balance of $225 is due the first night of group class. The class is $325 for 17 hours of class time. The balance of $375 is due the first night of a private class.  

Payment Plans|Discounts:  All payment plans must be submitted in writing and approved prior to the first night of class.  If not the balance due is expected (minus the deposit).  Because of issues with giving out discounts I am asking people to contact me directly to discuss their need.  Moving into a new home or saving to take a vacation is not a good reason for a discount.  If you are having financial issues, are a single parent, or on medicaid these may be good reasons.  Please call me to discuss.

Checks:  Checks are made out to Sharon Gourlay.  If your checking account has insufficient funds a $35 fee will be charged in addition to the bounced check fee charged by my bank. I prefer paypal or cash.

Receipt:  A receipt of payment is provided via Paypal.  I also will do a detailed Sales Receipt with dates of classes, payments made, and basic information so you can try to get reimbursement from your insurance, FSA, or HSA accounts.  

FSA/HSA/Insurance:  You must pay up front and get reimbursement directly from your insurance company.  I do not process insurance forms.    I cannot process FSA/HSA cards.

Make up classes:  Please do your best to make all planned class dates. Because classes build one upon the other, not attending a class can be an issue.  My time is booked up months in advance so it is very hard for me to schedule make up classes.  Effective 2017 there will be a $55 charge plus mileage to your home to make up group and private classes.  Payment is due the day of the class.   Thank you.

To register for class please go to the registration block above or call me on the telephone.


Call (614) 636-2626