According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, 6.1 million American women and their partners experience difficulties in conceiving a child. Worldwide it is estimated that 10 to 15% of couples of childbearing age experience infertility.


Many of these families will turn to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Studies have shown that including hypnotherapy in their treatment can double their success rate.  


The Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association reported in 1999 than 42% of women were able to conceive within six months of being taught mind/body relaxation techniques. Additionally, these women were able to effectively decrease their levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Other studies have been conducted, all with similar results.


The HypnoBirthing® Fertility Consulting program helps both partners in their quest to begin their family in a calm and gentle way. As a Hypnotist, I work with you to devise a very personal program to address your specific needs. This may be a program of relaxation, fear or grief release, or visualization. 


Hypnosis helps both partners relieve anxiety, lower blood pressure, and lift depression. For men it can help increase sperm count, motility, and release fears of birth and parenting. For women it can help balance hormones, release fears of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Both partners can heal from grief and previous losses. All of this is achieved through customized personal programs that meet you where you are and help you to release, heal, and conceive naturally or with the assistance of the medical model.


Example of topic sessions:

  • Affirmations for Fertility Success

  • Healing From a Previous Loss

  • Self Esteem - Self Love

  • Inner Healing

  • Body Scan

  • Regression Sessions

  • Parts Therapy

  • Meeting Your Baby

  • Boundaries

  • Increasing Sperm Production and Motility

  • Fertility Success - Projection Room

  • Inner Child

  • And other custom Sessions Available!




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HypnoBirthing® Fertility Sessions