HypnoBirthing Class Add On's

Add on additional services to help with your various needs during and after HypnoBirthing classes.

HypnoBirthing Infant Massage Class  

Learn  infant massage techniques to help you bond with your baby through touch.  This class is designed to help  prepare families on various massage techniques  in the postpartum period with baby.


HypnoBirthing Practice Review 

It can be helpful to do a review as you get closer to your due time after the class.  This review allows you to do a private review so that you feel confident    and prepared for your birth.  Reviewing HypnoBirthing Techniques:  Breathing, Hypnosis Scripts, Visualization, Massage,  Positions,  & More. ($70)

Postpartum Planning Session 

You spend hours putting together your birth plan/wish list.  It is to your advantage to put the same focus and time into your postpartum plan.  In a planning session we can pull together ideas, referrals, and options for your postpartum period. ($75)

Breech Turn Session 

Babies are often unpredictable.  Sometimes they end up in positions which are not always the best for vaginal birth such as breech/transverse lie.  In a 1994 study that found that 81% of the participants babies turned into the vertex position after a breech turn hypnosis session. ($200)

Family Choices -  care provider/birth setting option ?  Consult

Meet with me to discuss local birthing options and care providers.  Lets make sure you have the right options for your family. ($25 per hour)

Additional Fear Release Session 

After the HypnoBirthing class sometimes an additional fear release is helpful. Contact me for an in person ($85) or an online session for ($65).  You must have taken my HypnoBirthing class in the last 5 months.

When plans change/ Strategy Session 

When your low intervention plans turn into higher risk conditions talking to someone who understands how to convert plans for a calm and gentle birth is useful.  Schedule a consultation today! ($25 per hour)

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnosis can help with many pregnancy conditions/situations.  Example:

Gestational Diabetes

Blood Pressure

Bleeding Issues

Premature Birth

Short Cervix

Fear Releases


($85 in person and $65 online)