Menu of Services and Fee's

Childbirth Education Options

HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Group Classes       $325
17 hours of class time in a group setting
HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Private Classes     $475 - $525
17 hours of class time in a private setting  +mileage
HypnoBirthing® Childbirth ReFRESH  Class     $200
Afternoon refresher class +fear release +mileage
Comfort Measure for Childbirth                        $225 
Relaxation Techniques, Positions, & Tools   3 hours of private class  +mileage
Childbirth for the Modern Family                    $250 
Practical Childbirth Education Customized for your family

Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnosis for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum periods  Seeing is believing
Various subjects can be addressed via hypnosis:
  • Fertility Concerns
  • Breastfeeding and Pumping
  • Prenatal Bonding
  • Pregnancy Issues, Morning Sickness, Emotional Adjustments, Fears/Phobias of Parenthood
  • Breech Turns
  • High Risk Pregnancy Issues, High Blood Pressure, Gestational Diabetes, Pre-Eclampsia, Bed Rest, Incompetent Cervix
  • VBAC and Cesarean Sections
  • Grief Support, Miscarriage, Stillbirths, Neonatal Loss, Conceiving after a loss
  • Increasing Self Esteem, Stress Management, Fears/Anxiety/Phobias in General
  • Relationship Concerns, Motivation & Assertiveness, Focus & Drive, Personal Improvement, Success in Business & Sales
  • Smoking Cessation, Healthy Lifestyle, Exercise, Nutrition
  • Sports Performance, Sleep Disturbances, Setting Goals
Fertility, VBAC, Cesarean Preparation, Relaxation, Stop Smoking specifically designed packages
  • 1 hypnotherapy Session $100
  • Fear Releases Session $125
  • Package of 3 sessions $275

Postpartum Options

Infant Massage Instruction  $125
I recommend this class at 6 weeks postpartum.  In the HypnoBirthing massage class you can learn how to comfort your baby, bond, and learn special techniques to resolve belly issues etc.
Affirmations for the Postpartum Period  $30

Plan, Comfort, & Balance Package

Birth Planning Session | Wish List Session 

• Review parts of a birth plan along with the various options that families need to decide upon.
• We will discuss various communication options for various issues. Educationally if you have questions we will review those choices and I can provide you with research options.
• Review options in a hospital setting, specifically Ohio Health, OSU, Mt. Carmel Health, and Ohio Health Systems.
• I will give you some examples along with other educational information to help you create your own wish list.
• The final document is created by you but I will pull together a beginning plan after we review your needs.


Comfort Measures Class
• I will bring in my birth bag and we will try various techniques to help you manage labor and birth including
• Breathing
• Relaxation Techniques
• Positions
• Tools 
• Create your own Doula Bag for labor

Fear Release Hypnotherapy Session

• We discuss your previous births and process what happened. We discuss your concerns about this pregnancy and birth.
• There is some homework where you list your concerns, worries, anxiety about pregnancy and birth. Your partner does it separate from you and then you discuss the lists. 
• We will do a hypnotherapy session after the discussion. It is about 35 minutes long and it allows you the opportunity to release your previous birth anxiety and step confidently into this birthing knowing you are well prepared. 
• We will also creatively get rid of your written lists because no negativity should be allowed to remain after this session.




Because of my unique background of Childbirth Educator, Certified DONA Birth Doula, Energy Master, Hypnotherapist I can offer this unique package.  All sessions are held in your home to ensure privacy. Call to learn more 614.636.2626.

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