Breech Baby - Now What do I do?


Babies are often unpredictable.  Sometimes they end up in positions which are not always the best for a vaginal birth.  So you have probably found out that your baby is in one of these positions.  What can help you encourage the baby to turn?

In a controlled study, 81% of breech mothers who received hypnotherapy had babies turn compared to 48% of those who didn’t.  That is significant. In order for this protocol to work the hypnosis sessions should involve the following components: a fear release, visualization to see the baby move to the head down position, and some discussion to the support system for labor/birth including the baby.  

Hypnosis is most effective done in private, in-person sessions.  There are recordings and scripts that can be purchased and used.  I am dubious of their success rate.  Hypnosis should be customized to the needs, desires, and goals of an individual.  It's hard to mass market in this situation.


I recommend the following additional holistic protocols to help support a breech turn before doing ECV or scheduling a Cesarean:


1.  Positioning of your body and using it to encourage the baby to turn (see Spinning Babies).

      *Breech Tilt


      *Forward-Leaning Inversion

2.  Acupuncture and Moxibustion- Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese technique which uses burning herbs to stimulate acupressure points.

3.  Chiropractic Care (Webster Technique).

4.  Swimming / Handstands/Rolling in the water

5.  Heat/Cold encourage baby to move

6.  EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

7.  Massage

8.  Homeopathy

9.  Posture - Sitting up straight with support for your lower back and avoiding bucket/reclining seats is helpful.

10. Music


How the process works?


For Breech turn sessions, I will meet with you in person to do an intake.  We will do both a fear release and breech turn script at the first session.  I will send you a copy of affirmations for you to listen to daily and help you to visualize your baby making its turn into the head down direction.  I also can provide you with resources and referrals for other holistic ideas to assist you in the turning process.  ~fee:  $235



Call now to schedule your appointment.

(Sessions held in your home)


Hypnotherapy ~What is it? 

According to Cherri Straus MPH, in American Psychotherapy. Medical Hypnosis Association/Cochrane Review Abstracts, Oxford, 1999: “Hypnotherapy is a process by which a person, with the assistance of a trained Hypnotherapist, has his/her subconscious mind opened to suggestion for the purpose of changing one or more behavior patterns. When the subconscious is spoken to directly, it may be possible to reprogram old behavior patterns and introduce new ideas and positive suggestions. These positive suggestions may then be used to help make the changes you desire. Hypnotherapy has been approved as a method of therapy since 1958 by the American Medical Association”.


What are HypnoMaternal Services?

Hypno-Maternal Services is a holistic approach to dealing with common maternal issues by the use of hypnosis. We use the power of the mind/body connection to address common maternal & high-risk pregnancy issues. This drug-free approach is clearly beneficial for both mother and child. Plus hypnosis helps to foster mother/child prenatal bonding. Hypno-Maternal Services can also assist mothers dealing with the following: Acid Reflux, Morning Sickness, Bed Rest, High Blood Pressure, Gestational Diabetes, Cesarean Section Preparation, and more!  


How does Hypnosis Work?

By addressing the subconscious we are able to create positive reprogramming to redirect and meet our goals. Suggestions are the tools we use to create the positive messages which will change behavior. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You are fully in control and aware of everything that is happening.


Important FACTS about Hypnosis

•All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, even when facilitated by a therapist.

•A hypnotized person is NOT being controlled by the therapist.

•The hypnotized person is not unconscious nor will reveal confidential information.

•Hypnotized people are conscious and fully in control of what is happening.

•Hypnotized people are relaxed while being hypnotized and aware of their surroundings.

•The hypnotized person cannot get stuck in hypnosis. 

•Either the client would slip into sleep and awake out of hypnosis OR the lack of the therapist's voice would awaken the individual.

•The desire to want to be hypnotized normally overcomes any issues with the individual being able to go into hypnosis.

•A hypnotized person cannot be forced to do things they do not want to do.



  • Breech Turn sessions consist of a Fear Release and a Breech Turn Session with Affirmations that support this visualization.

  • Depending on needs the package price starts at $235.