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In HypnoBirthing we talk about the power of words and how they impact our minds, our bodies, and our choices.  The one word that truly disturbs me in the birthing world is the world "deliver".  We hear it used in the entire birthing spectrum. 

From Dictionary.com:  de·liv·erdəˈlivər/verb

1.bring and hand over (a letter, parcel, or ordered goods) to the proper recipient or address."the products should be delivered on time"synonyms:bring, take, convey...

Did you know?

Water is essential for pregnant and breast feeding people. If you are pregnant and begin to dehydrate you will start to have contractions/surges (during third trimester). Breastfeeding parents need to drink water and remain hydrated so you produce enough milk for your baby.

How much is the right number?

We hear that 8 glasses a day is enough water for our bodies. That isn't always true. Pregnant people need more water than a nonpregnant person. W...

Maybe you are seeking a list of choices to be made while preparing for your birth?  Here is a list of different options and ideas.  You could use this for preparing a wish list or doing research in preparation for birth.  

I would urge you to discuss options with your Care Provider and find someone who knows the policies of the facility your are birthing at.  This will help you get a better picture if you have chosen the right support options for y...


I get asked often by birth partners "How can I help, really help,  during labor"?  It always makes me smile because I feel that intuitively couples reach for one another through labor.  They often "just know" what to do to help each other.  It has been my experience that the following ideas are helpful:


  • Take a childbirth education class that focuses on how you can understand and support your partner during birth.

  • Approach your partn...

I attended the Building Bridges: Working to Improve Birth conference at Mt. Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital in Westerville, Ohio this past weekend.  I soaked in so much new information and had much of what I knew already about various subject matters validated.  


It is so encouraging that in our community there is a hospital that is trying hard to be welcoming to all families including the LBGTQ community.  It was thrilling to see a hospital system actually...


“The ring of fire terrifies me”!  “I am going to tear”!  “The pain will be so intense”. 



These are all things I hear from mothers as we discuss their fears of birth.  So what exactly is happening during crowning?  The American Pregnancy Association says: “During delivery, your baby’s head will begin to show through your vaginal opening with each contraction. When your baby’s head remains visible without slipping back in, it is known as crowning...


 By far the one thing I feel pregnant people are under prepared for in labor is the changes that happen to our bodies; specifically heat, cold, and shivering. There may be a time in labor when you are just freezing and shivering and other times when you are hot as Hades.  Did you know 50% of women get the shivers and teeth chattering during labor


Researchers still are not completely sure why this happens.  One theory from Parents Magazine: “The jury's s...

May 3, 2016



Why did you choose your Care Provider to support you during pregnancy and birth?  I ask this question with each student I teach and potential birth doula client I interview with.  I often hear answers such as:


*  Their office is right up the street.

*  My coworker used them for their pregnancy/birth experience.

*  They are covered by my insurance.

*  This provider is the one who worked with us to get pregnant.

*  I have been a patient of this provider fo...

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October 7, 2017

May 8, 2016

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