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Central Ohio Doulas


What is a Certified Birth Doula?

Many years ago, pregnant people gave birth with the support of elders, family, and friends.  Today, our families are spread out and isolated during the birthing year.  However, many are rediscovering the benefits of having a supportive birth doula with them through the pregnancy and birth process. Even with modern technology and medications, having an extra support person can make a big difference.


Professional Birth Doulas are trained and certified.  They serve families during the birthing year. They are an answer to the needs of the modern pregnant person but with a history steeped in support with calm and gentle hands.



A Doula assists a pregnant people before, during, or after childbirth. She supports the entire family, serving them continuously during labor. It is her role to provide information, physical, and emotional support. In my practice, I further define the role of a doula as a social connection for families to receive the best referrals to requested services during the birthing year. A doula can also serve as a spiritual support person through labor. I bring these ideas and holistic modalities to my doula practice.



I believe in birth, I believe in families, I believe in babies; all should have support to help navigate the pregnancy and birth choices in the modern world. In supporting families Birth Doula's help to ensure the birthing energy is placed directly into the hands of the birthing person. They are the guiding force and the center of focus and support during the birth. A Doula helps to ensure and establish a safe space for families to make choices and to birth, in the way, they need to without anyone else's preconceived agendas.


I practice in an inclusive & respectful way that absolutely recognizes that families come in many different shapes and sizes.  I am proud to be an LBGTQ ally and an eager learner of your families needs.  I understand that no two families are exactly alike in culture, customs, and desires.  Call for a complimentary consultation today.





What do doulas do?


As a Doula I "do":

  • Help families make the journey of pregnancy and birth.  

  • Support mothers physically, emotionally, spiritually, informationally, and socially through the process of birth.

  • Hold a positive space to allow families to have a gentle, calm birth and introduction to one another.

  • Offer comfort measures, experience, a caring set of hands and much more.  


As a Doula I "do not":

  • Speak to medical care professionals in place of the mother or father. I will help you to remember your choices. But as a doula, it is not my place to speak for the families I support.

  • Make any decisions for you. It is always up to parents to make decisions. I will remind you of your birth wishes so you can ask your Care Provider for the Benefits, Risks, and Alternatives. I will also remind you to listen to your intuition and remind you that "do nothing" can sometimes be an option.  

  • As a continuous labor support professional I do not run errands for couples in labor. I remain with the mother and father for optimal support. I can provide you some references for dog walkers, meal providers, etc.

  • I do not perform medical tasks or give medical advice. I am not a monitrice or midwife. I do not listen to heart tones, palpitate bellies, or do vaginal exams. Any information given should not be construed as medical and needs to be discussed with your Midwife or Doctor.

  • Due to liability issues, I cannot drive clients to births or doctors appointments.


Included in standard birth doula services:

  • Complimentary Consultation

  • 2 Prenatal Sessions

  • Unlimited Email and Phone Support

  • Support from Active Labor through Birth

  • Remain with family 1 - 2 hours after Birth

  • 1 Postpartum Visit

  • Referrals, Handouts, and Lending Library


Complimentary Consultation:  This initial consultation allows us to meet and see if we are a good mutual fit for one another.  Birth is a highly intimate event in a families life and I urge you to meet with other doulas in the area to ensure you find the right support for yourself and your birth partner.  At this consult, I ask that both you and your partner both attend.  Call or email me to schedule your appointment.


Prenatal Meetings

2 prenatal meetings (2 to 3-hour visits).  We will :

  • Do a very thorough intake session so that I can support you and your partner the best way possible.

  • Help Creating your Birth Preferences

  • Review comfort measures and birth bag


Informational Portal:  Includes educational articles/handouts/resources:  I provide access to articles and handouts to clients on various pregnancy, birth, postpartum topics in my Doula/HypnoBirthing Portals (password protected).  I also have videos, lending library,  and other information for families available. 


Prenatal Support:  I provide support to families as soon as they pay the deposit to hold their place on my calendar.  Support can be via phone, email, text, and in person.


On Call:  I go on call at 38 weeks.  That means that I stay close to home awaiting your going into labor.  I take good care of myself to ensure that I can care for you in labor.


Labor Support:  I provide continuous labor support for families.  I arrive when you need me in active labor through the birth of your baby. 


Birth Tools:  In my birth toolbox I carry a birth ball, peanut ball (for epidurals), massage/pressure/touch, reiki, comfort measures (rebozo, balls, music), hypnosis, visualization, positioning, and a resource of knowledge to help you and your partner through birth.  ~~~>Birth Bag Info


Postpartum Support:  I will remain with you to ensure bonding, breastfeeding is started.  I am available for question and referrals during the postpartum period.


Postpartum Visit:   I also offer one postpartum visit where we review your birth.


Birth Review:  Throughout your labor I will do my best to keep notes of what happens and when. 


Photography:  I can take photos during the birth if you would like.  I am not a professional photographer but am happy to take some photos of your special day if you provide the camera.


Custom Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations:  A positive birth experience is within your grasp with the use of affirmations.  I prepare positive pregnancy, birth, and parenting affirmation for families to listen to on a daily basis.  I can also create these tracks for breastfeeding, postpartum life, self-care, and more. $depends upon work


Back Up Doula:  I will always provide my clients with a backup doula if I am unable to attend your birth ( illness/another client in labor/emergency). You can schedule to meet with this person prior to birth if you would like. My dedicated backup support doula is Ami Shaffer.  I also work with Central Ohio Doulas and Westar Doulas.  When needed we back each other up too.


Combine Sessions:  In the event that we contract late (third trimester) or if highly motivated we can combine sessions.


Number of Clients:  Being a doula means that I only take the number of clients I can reasonably handle in one month. Most doulas in the Central Ohio area will take up to 4 clients in one month. I normally take 1-2 doula clients per month because I want to be able to support you completely.  My goal is to have 2 families per month to support.   Please contact me soon to schedule.  My calendar is filling quickly.


Experience:  I have been in the Central Ohio birth community since 2006 teaching, volunteering, and helping families achieve a gentle, calm birth experience. I have been attending births off and on since then, however, I took my formal training during 2012. I am a Certified DONA Birth Doula.  I have attended many births and would be honored to be a part of your birthing year.


Financial Flexibility:  I always try to work out a mutual plan that will be helpful for both the family I support and myself.  I am always willing to barter but most often will extend out payment plans for some clients.  If you think we might be a good fit and are interested in services please call to schedule our consultation.


Deposit:  $ half of the balance ~ This deposit holds your place on my calendar.  It is due when you hire me and return the contract.  You are put on my calendar when I have these two items and in the order, it was received.


Balance:  The balance is due (depending upon the package) by the 36th week of pregnancy (unless we have a written payment arrangement in place).


Insurance:  As a doula, I am a provider of non-medical services so I am not able to bill insurance companies for my services.  If you require a receipt for proof of payment I am able to provide that.  Flexible spending accounts will also pay for doula services, often.


Mileage/ Parking / Transportation Fee:

  • If you live beyond the 40-mile radius the mileage fee is an additional $75


Hospitals Served:  I am able to serve families at the following hospitals -


  • OSU Medical Center

  • St. Ann's Hospital - Mt Carmel

  • Mt Carmel East

  • Mt Carmel West

  • Doctor's West - Ohio Health

  • Circleville - Berger Hospital

  • Riverside & Dublin Methodist

  • Fairfield Medical

  • Licking Memorial

  • Genesis in Zanesville

  • Athens - O'Bleness