I am very happy to announce that Ami Shaffer and myself will be backing each other up for our hospital births.  We both practice as doulas very similarly.  Ami and I both are childbirth educators; Ami teaches Lamaze and I teach HypnoBirthing®.  We both are very passionate about caring for the families we support in a kind, gentle, and joyful approach.  It is such a blessing to have someone who will care for families in the same way you do, backing you up in case of serious illness or emergency, families in labor at the same time, or a previously agreed upon obligation.  We hope that the families we support will feel comfortable in our back up support.  Feel free to contact us with questions about this exciting new collaboration.























About Ami


My name is Ami Shaffer and I am a full-time Mommy and part-time birth doula/childbirth educator.  I live in a rural area in Central Ohio and serve families from as far south as Portsmouth to as far north as Delaware.  Did I mention that I spend the majority of my time in my van?!  I have 3 amazing kids.  Caden is my 10yo son.  His very emotional birth is what lead me to birth work.  I also have a set of boy/girl twins, Atley and Paisley, who are almost 3.  I am married to my husband Matt whom I have spent half my life with!  Our life is full of chaos and love!.


I began my birth work journey is 2009 when I took the DONA training to become a birth doula.  This is my passion and I have never looked back.  I was certified as a birth doula in April 2011 and to date have served about 55 wonderful families.  In 2012, I got the opportunity to begin teaching childbirth education for a local health system.  I was so happy to start reaching more families and helping them understand their options in childbirth.  I truly feel that there is no "one size fits all" way for your baby to be born.  I love supporting and guiding mothers who are choosing many different types of birth and feel equally thankful for each and every one of them.  I took the training to become a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator in May 2014 and got certified in early 2016.   



I am just coming back from an extended maternity leave from doula work as it is quite difficult to find family members brave enough to tackle 2 babies and a big kid at once!  I try to keep my client schedule to about 2-3 clients per month so that I am able to balance home and work together.  I hope you will allow me the opportunity to meet with you and see if we are a good fit for your birth.  It is very important that you, your birth team, and I all feel 100% comfortable with each other.  I look forward to meeting you soon!!