Specializing in Birth Doula Services for Adoptions

Birth Mothers considering adoption clearly can benefit from having a doula involved in their birth journey.  As a Professional Independent Birth Doula, I have had the privilege of working with several adoption situations.  I feel each birth is unique and I treat it that way.  I always promise to act with non-judgmental, respectful care for the birth mother and her team of support. 


If you are considering having the intended family involved I personally believe two birth doulas should team up to provide support. Clear unbiased support is necessary for the birth mother without any strings attached.  The intended family deserves the same dedicated support too.  Not all birth mothers have the intended family at their births.  It is a personal choice.


When we have a strong circle of support everyone feels a valued part of the birth journey.  A birth doula provides emotional, physical, and informational support through this birth journey.  Our model of support can help both the birth mother and intended family.  The guiding force behind these choices is always the birth mother.


A testimonial from one birth mother who used my services:

"My birth was an unusual one as my daughter was being placed for adoption. Sharon not only helped me get through the physical pains of labor but was also an amazing support system while I was going through the emotional adoption process. She was not judgmental in any way and went above and beyond to make sure that my emotional needs were being taken care of. She tailored my pre- and post-partum care to my particular situation and helped me get through this very difficult time. She helped me have a natural labor by using a myriad of pain management techniques and supported me throughout the delivery process to make sure that all of my wishes were being met (even when they were at odds with what the doctors/hospital wanted). She facilitated a calm, loving environment in the delivery room and was supportive of everyone who was there (my mother and the adoptive parents, a same-sex couple). I can't say that the birth of my daughter was emotionally a pain-free experience, but Sharon made the birth a positive experience that I look back on fondly. Words can't express how grateful I am to Sharon, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to any future mother, regardless of the situation".


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